Extra help at home

If a family member or friend is leaving the hospital and you feel extra help is required at home including home care, equipment or supplies please contact the Florence Nightingale Unit or the Oncology day Unit for further assistance.

Insurance cover does not always cover services in the community or equipment that may be required at home. If this is not covered we can provide information about other options that might be available.

Talking to your Children about cancer

Our social worker is available for consultations and to offer educational materials to assist you when talking to children when a parent or loved one has cancer. Please speak to a member of our nursing staff for further information.

Family room

Being close to your family member or friend when they are in hospital is important. There is a sitting room located on the Florence Nightingale Unit for your use should you need a place to sit in comfort.

Individual counseling

When someone close has a diagnosis of cancer this can affect all those close to them. Further information on counselling is available by clicking the following link.  http://www.blackrock-psychology.com/.