Welcome To The Orthopaedic Department

Blackrock Clinic has an unrivalled reputation for its pioneering new Orthopaedic procedures and its Orthopaedic surgeons who are constantly researching and regularly bringing some of the newest Orthopaedic techniques to Ireland.

The Orthopaedic department consists of a large group of consultant Orthopaedic and Spinal surgeons who work as a cohesive group under the current chairmanship of Mr Fintan Doyle. The team has a crucial mix of seniority, public and private experience and highly regarded reputations, complemented by international research and experience, which is being put to use in Blackrock Clinic.

Orthopaedic surgery is moving closer towards minimally invasive techniques which reduce the trauma to the patient where possible.  A recent advance has been in the area of spinal surgery where MAST surgery (Minimal Access Spinal Techniques) and technology are developing very quickly.  MAST has been in use at the Blackrock Clinic over the last few years.  Other developments include the first ever Direct Lateral Interbody Fusion (DLIF) in Ireland which was performed in the hospital in 2011 by Mr Pat Kiely.

Mr. David Moore is shortly to commence intramedullary limb lengthening to complement his deformity correction and reconstruction practice.

The hospital has also become established as a scoliosis centre with the biggest young adult deformity caseload in the country after Our Lady’s Hospital Crumlin.

Further, a number of the consultants have extensive public sector trauma expertise which is very valuable in the context of the Blackrock Clinic Emergency Department.

Some members of the Orthopaedic team have been operating at Blackrock Clinic for over 25 years.  Professor John McElwain, for instance, has been with the Blackrock Clinic since before it opened.  Professor McElwain’s extensive joint replacement and arthroscopic work is complemented by his international credibility through his many publications in international literature.

Mr. Brian Hurson, too, has been with the Clinic since it opened and specialises in sports injuries, having operated on many well-known gaelic and rugby athletes over the years.

Mr. Garry Fenelon, who has also been involved with the Clinic since the early days, has been published on hip arthroplasty and complications of hip surgery and is co-founder of the European Hip Society.

Mr. Fintan Doyle operates a satellite centre in Monaghan for Blackrock Clinic to look after patients North of Dublin.  This is proving very successful and there are plans to develop other satellite centres around the country.