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Pre Admission Clinic

Pre-admission clinic meet the team pic

Blackrock Clinic was the first private hospital in Ireland to introduce a Pre-admission Clinic, allowing us to assess a patient’s suitability for surgery ahead of the admission date.  A patient’s overall health status is checked through a series of tests and assessments to ensure previously unidentified health issues will not potentially delay or postpone an admission.

What is involved in the Pre-Admission Clinic?

The pre-admission clinic is attended by patients undergoing major operations or inpatient stays at Blackrock Clinic.

This would include:

  • Orthopaedic operations: Hip; Knee; Spinal
  • Cardiac operations: Coronary Angio Bypass Surgery; Valve replacement; Pacemaker fitting
  • Inpatient stay: Major inpatient admission

The patient is given an appointment to attend the outpatient department at Blackrock Clinic, where they undergo a standard series of tests to assess general health. The patient should allow approximately four hours for this visit.

The tests are requested and overseen by a Consultant General Physician, who will assimilate the patient’s data for the clinic report.

Meet the Team

Pre-admission Clinics also offer an opportunity for patients to meet  their nursing and physiotherapy team.


The main battery of pre-admission clinic testing is free of charge to patients, both with and without health insurance.

Should additional tests be required, then charges may be incurred.

A consultation fee will be payable to the General Physician who presides over this clinic.