Welcome to the Spines Department

Back problems affect a large percentage of the population,  and while Blackrock Clinic offers a range of non-surgical options,  sometimes patients with the most serious issues can only find relief from surgery.

Blackrock Clinic has established one of the largest  spinal surgery centres in Ireland,  with a spinal deformity caseload second only to Our Lady’s Hospital,  Crumlin.  The team has performed more than 120 complicated spinal deformity surgeries  in the last five years,  in addition to its pioneering work in minimally invasive and major open-surgery procedures.

The Spinal Department’s team includes seven spinal surgeons with decades of accumulated experience,  much of which was gained during Fellowships in Internationally recognised Centres of Excellence around the world.

The team has been leading progress in minimally invasive spinal procedures in Ireland.  When appropriate,  these offer an alternative to open surgery and offer a shorter operating time,  less tissue damage,  minimal incidence of disease,  earlier recovery,  more rapid bone healing,  and fewer complications.

Minimally invasive procedures are available for the treatment of a wide range of conditions,  including herniated discs,  spinal stenosis,  scoliosis,  kyphosis,  tumors and injuries to the spinal column.  The approach can apply to procedures including spinal fixation,  fusion and fractures.

Patients who attend the Blackrock Clinic can rely on the most advanced diagnostic testing available.  Combined with the expertise of the Spinal Department’s team,  they can be confident of the correct diagnosis and the most suitable care path.