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This scan can detect very small deposits of calcium in your coronary arteries with great accuracy. The amount of calcium deposited in all the coronary arteries is added and a score is given.

For the procedure itself patients simply lie on a padded table directly under the scanner with their arms above their head. ECG leads will be placed in appropriate positions on the patient’s chest. Two images will be taken initially and this is then followed by the main scan.

The procedure takes about 10 – 15 minutes but patients may expect to be in the department for approximately 30 minutes in total.

The images are reported on by a Consultant Cardiologist and the scan report will be sent directly to your referring Doctor.

This cardiac CT scan is available to outpatients with a GP or consultant referral. Please submit your referral to the Outpatient Booking Office by Fax: 01 206 4368 where it will be reviewed by the Consultant in the department prior to an appointment being offered.