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Inpatient Services

The inpatient pharmacy employs three full-time and one part-time pharmacist and the outpatient pharmacy has one full-time pharmacist and one technician at all times.

In patients services:

  • Purchasing and stock control of all medicines;
  • Dispensing to inpatients;
  • Clinical/Ward Pharmacy service to all wards;
  • Drug Information service for all hospital staff;
  • Aseptic dispensing to the hospital Oncology unit;
  • Education of patients and other health care professionals.

The pharmacy acts within the law and in keeping with professional ethics as provided by the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland, which is the statutory body of the profession of pharmacy.

The profession of pharmacy is rapidly changing, particularly in the area of technologies, both in the field of medication manufacture and administration. The hospital is currently involved in a project to automate prescribing and dispensing, which will compliment the drug safety culture currently in place.

In keeping with guidelines from the PSI pharmacists are required to continue to develop their knowledge and skills through continuing education. This is through online courses, attendance at educational meetings, and in delivery and attendance of in house educational days.