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SPINES: All spinal pain, including:

  • neck (cervical),
  • low back pain (lumbar) and
  • upper back (thoracic) pain,

can be treated at Blackrock Clinic. Treatment manages or resolves the patient’s problem, relieves pain, improves movement and tissue flexibility, restores spinal alignment, improves postural stability and strength and aims to minimise the risk of further injury.

Most people can expect to experience some neck pain in their lifetime. 99% of neck pain is not serious and for the majority of people it should not interfere with normal activities. However, if you have suffered serious injury or the pain is severe or going down the arm you should seek advice from a health professional. Common types of neck pain include soft tissue strain such as that from a road traffic accident or sporting injury, non-specific neck pain and headaches.

Low back pain results from injury to structures in the back (i.e. muscle, ligament, disc, nerve and bone). It commonly occurs following a relatively simple movement such as bending forward or twisting through the spine.

However lower back pain can also occur through more complex and forceful movements of the lower spine. If you have low back pain, you should consult a chartered physiotherapist for an appropriate assessment, diagnosis and treatment of low back pain.

Initially they can assist in diagnosing the problem and determining its severity. This may require the use of imaging techniques such as x-ray, CT scan or MRI. From this information the physiotherapist will be able to determine an appropriate treatment plan.

The Back Class

The new Back Class is a physiotherapy lead exercise and education class specifically designed for people with low back pain. Who is it for? Please download the patient information brochure here: “The Back Class”

BACK TRIAGE CLINIC: Blackrock Clinic offers a back triage facility, which is available by GP referral and offers rapid access to a specialised team.   The clinic aims to identify and differentiate between simple back-ache, nerve root pain and possible serious pathology, and determine appropriate management. It also aims to do this very early on in the process to ensure effective and efficient treatment. This clinic identifies patients with serious spinal and neurological issues so that further medical and surgical interventions can be commenced appropriately and efficiently. In addition, the clinic offers prompt referrals to the orthopaedic surgeons or neurosurgeons when needed, plus and extensive back rehabilitation service based on current best practice.

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