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sports-related injuries imageWe are all delighted that Covid restrictions are easing and our favourite physical pastimes are becoming available to us once more. It is very important now that we commence our sport in a safe and mindful way, not just relative to Covid-19, but to keep us on top of our game and not sitting on the side lines.  

An increase in participation in competitive and recreational sport inevitably leads to an increase in sports-related injuries. Blackrock Clinic Physiotherapy Department has a long established relationship with sports people and sports teams, professional and amateur. We are here for you before your sport, with education and advice on warm up, and afterwards should you need help with maintaining fitness or recovery from mishap.   

Whether the cause is trauma, repetitive strain, biomechanical or otherwise, we offer a comprehensive service from initial assessment to full rehabilitation.


Special Feature – Golf Injuries, Statistics & Prevention

Top Tips to Stay Injury Free for Golf this Summer!

Forwards Leg Swings

In all sports, players warm up their bodies in preparation for the activity ahead without even thinking about it. Golf is similar to sprinting in that it is a very explosive action which results in a lot of force travelling through the body in a short period of time. It is unlikely that you will see a sprinter stroll onto a track to compete without a proper warmup so why do we regularly see it in golf?

  • Rotational forces produced in the spine during golf are double the amount considered safe in industrial settings.
  • A full golf swing at max speed generates compressive loads on the low back of up to x8 times body weight.
  • These movements are repeated up to x100 times per game.

Therefore, it would seem logical that an adequate warm up would be an essential requirement…..HOWEVER…..the evidence suggests that only 8% carry out an adequate warm up pre-game!

Golfers who did not warm up adequately were found to be almost twice as likely to suffer injury than those who did (Fradkin 2008):

  • Recreational golfers lose on average 4 weeks/yr due to injury
  • Injury rates increase as skill and age increase
  • Lower back and elbow injuries have longest recovery times
  • 50% of all golf injuries become chronic (last longer than 12 weeks)
  • Adequate warm up can reduce injury by a possible 60%

A golf-specific dynamic warm up is recommended to both reduce the risk of injury and improve performance. Download our Warm Up Advice Sheet below:

There are lots of different ways to dynamically warm up for golf. Start your warm up with 2-5 mins of brisk walking and follow this with 10-15 mins of our golf specific exercises, finishing with your practise swings gradually increasing the tempo.

Personalise your Routine

Our Warm Up Advice sheet outlines a sample of 6 simple but effective exercises anyone can do before a round of golf. Even more effective would be a specific warm up routine personalised for you with your injury history, physical strengths/weaknesses and swing pattern in mind.

Contact Blackrock Clinic Physiotherapy Department for our Specialised Golf Service on 01 206 4364.

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