Women’s Health Physio

PREGNANCY: During and after pregnancy women may suffer from back and pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain. They may also need assistance in managing post-natal pelvic floor dysfunction, or general post-natal exercise management. All physiotherapy treatment is focused on the specific patient and her issues. The route to correction includes:

  • education on the presenting problem,
  • correction of posture to maintain balance between the spine and pelvis,
  • manual therapy techniques to restore normal pelvic biomechanics,
  • manual therapy for the lumbar spine
  • strengthening exercises to improve core stability to provide the pelvis and spine with the stability it has lost.

FEMALE INCONTINENCE: Women may also suffer bladder or bowel related complaints such as incontinence, over or under activity, or organ prolapse. These can be the result of surgery or poor muscle tone and strength.

Over-active pelvic floor muscles can be an issue for sportswomen.

Other gynaecological conditions which can be treated at Blackrock Clinic include: pelvic pain; vulvodynia;interstitial cystitis.

The focus is on pelvic floor muscle education and rehabilitation to rebuild muscle strength and pelvic organ support. For overactive pelvic floor, treatment is aimed at releasing the muscle to reduce pain and discomfort, leading to an improvement in quality of life.

A medical referral is not needed to see a Chartered Physiotherapist in Women’s health. You can call us directly on 01 206 4364 to make an appointment.

The women’s health physiotherapist has close links to a Gynaecologist onsite should this be required.

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