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Pelvic (Women’s) Health

There are many gynaecological, pelvic floor, bladder, bowel, abdominal, pregnancy, postnatal and musculoskeletal conditions that benefit from pelvic health physiotherapy and our women’s pelvic health team are here to help you. We appreciate that it can sometimes be hard or feel embarrassing to ask for help in these areas of our body. Our consultations will always take place in a separate closed room and we will always do our utmost to make you feel at ease. women's pelvic health pic

To come and see one of the women’s pelvic health team here simply ring physiotherapy reception on 01 206 4364. A referral is not necessary and you don’t have to be an existing patient of Blackrock Clinic, everyone is welcome.

Our pelvic health team works closely alongside consultants and can provide onward referral if necessary.

Female pelvic health conditions that can be treated include:

  • pre/post any gynaecological or abdominal surgery,
  • vaginismus,
  • anismus,
  • persistent genital arousal syndrome,
  • pain with attempted or completed penetration,
  • diminished or difficulty with orgasm,
  • prolapse (bladder, uterine or bowel),
  • painful bladder syndrome,
  • bladder & bowel incontinence (leaking),
  • bladder frequency and urgency (day or night time),
  • fissures,
  • constipation,
  • joint problems (hip, thoracic, lumbar, pubic, sacro-iliac, coccyx, abdominal),
  • chronic pelvic pain,
  • vestibulodynia,
  • vulvodynia,
  • pudendal nerve problems,
  • sciatica,
  • adhesions and scars,
  • post natal checks and problems (rectus abdominis diastasis, pelvic floor, tears, scars, birth injuries, return to exercise, prolapse, incontinence etc), pregnancy related problems (pelvic girdle pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction, aches & pains, pelvic floor, exercising safely),
  • endometriosis, and
  • menopause related changes.

Our team also offers pelvic floor & core checks to all women who do not have any symptoms or complaints (and want to keep it that way!) – these are often booked in around certain times of our life span eg pregnancy, postnatal (anytime from 8 weeks), menopause, surgical but can be booked in at any point.

The pelvic team also treats male pelvic problems: Pelvic (Men’s) Health

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Meet the Team: