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The SUCCEED Programme

Blackrock Clinic Services & Procedures The SUCCEED Programme

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Are you

Tired of dieting?
Tired of obsessing over food?
Sick of restricting and feeling out of control with food?
Do you spend all of your time worrying about food and your body?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!


The SUCCEED programme is a dietitian led programme for anyone who
is struggling with their relationship with food. Traditional dieting often
causes a poor relationship with food, body image issues, disordered
eating, weight struggles and unsustainable restriction.

Imagine having a peaceful relationship with food.

The SUCCEED programme is a six session intervention designed to help you to trust your body cues and to nourish your body and mind. It is tailored to each individual and aims to free your mind so that you can
focus on the things that really matter.

The programme was created by Senior Dietitian Emer O’Driscoll.
Emer has experience in intuitive eating counselling, eating disorders, orthorexia, oncology and weight management. She is passionate about healing clients’ relationship with food and educating that traditional
dieting and restriction is not sustainable.

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating is a form of attunement of mind, body, and food
and it is characterised by eating in response to physiological hunger
and satiety cues rather than emotional cues.

Intuitive eaters have been associated with better health indicators and studies have confirmed that Intuitive Eating is a more effective approach than conventional dieting, resulting in lower BMIs and better psychological health. Studies also show that frequent intentional weight loss episodes reflect susceptibility to weight gain, rendering dieters
prone to future weight gain.

You will receive individual handouts and exercises and a personalised approach. Emer’s passion is to align clients’ nutrition with what they
truly need and to help anyone who is struggling with their relationship with food.

The aims of the SUCCEED programme are to:

  • Say goodbye to the restricting and bingeing cycle for good!
  • Free yourself from the ‘diet trap’
  • Take pleasure in your food and trust yourself with all foods – even those that are ‘off limits’
  • Learn how to find peace with food by navigating emotional eating
  • Learn about engaging in physical activity for the joy of movement not as a calorie burner
  • Recognise your true hunger fullness cues
  • Learn about respecting your body and honouring your health with gentle nutrition

Programme Structure

The initial session takes approximately 1 hour with five follow-up appointments lasting approximately 30 minutes each.

Appointments are usually scheduled 2 weeks apart.
The cost of the Programme is €495.

You can claim back a portion of the Programme cost from your health insurer. You should contact your insurer for further information as
the amount you can claim will depend on your plan.

Phone 01 206 4364 if you would like to book into the ‘SUCCEED Programme’ with our dietitian.